Building a brighter future for generations to come

A second home for thousands of people in dire straits. A place for everyone under the Sun.

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Public Campaign

Whatever the need, Sun Youth is there to fulfill it. Our pledge to the community is to never refuse help to anyone who needs it.

We help more than 30,000 people annually.

Help us Build a Brighter Future for the next generations by contributing to the Public Campaign. Our goal is to raise $100,000 from the general public.


A central location facing Jarry Park, easily accessible through public transport. Perfect for all our community and emergency services.

A community Hub for everyone

A unique carbon neutral center with twenty-five geothermal wells and solar panels. A complete gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, a bright grocery-style food bank and a rooftop community garden. 

Download the following documents for more details.

Saint-Laurent Street
Croquis conceptuel

The dream
of two visionnaries

For decades, the late Earl De La Perralle and I worked on building a more inclusive and resilient community. We knew that the future of our organization depended on the creation of a Centre for future generations. This dream is becoming reality thanks to you!

I am pleased to introduce the members of our campaign cabinet. For 68 years, Sun Youth has been illuminating the lives of those in need. Today, we need your help. It’s your turn to shine!

                                                                    Sid Stevens, Co-Founder


Our Impact in the community

In 1954, a group of youngsters, including Earl De La Perralle and Sid Stevens (9 and 13 years old) started a handwritten newspaper called “The Clark Street Sun”. The profits from the sales helped finance sports activities.  Since then, Sun Youth has been a second home for thousands of people in dire straits, whether it is a family who has just lost their home in a fire, a new refugee in need of warm clothes, a single mother or a senior citizen with reduced mobility needing a food delivery. Read all about it from people who have lived it firsthand.